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VM-44 & VM-40 Carb Spring Kits

"Under Development"

The VM-44 carb kit is designed to replace your existing throttle springs in your big thumb killing Mikuni roundslide carbs. If you have a MXZ670HO or any big twin (MACH 1 670)with these carbs, this kit is a must! Cutting off coils is NOT the answer or recommended. The total height and the total compressed weight of the spring must the same as originally designed or else icing (throttle sticking) could become a major problem.

We also want to note that the slide and spring in the VM-44 is the same for the VM-40 Mikuni roundslide carbs, so this kit will work for those experiencing thumb fatigue on those carbs as well. However, due to other factors the VM-44 carbs have a stronger throttle pull than the VM-40 carbs.

We are in the process of redesigning this spring to maintain the same height and final compression yet give you a 30% decrease in throttle pull at the trail throttle position. It will slowly gain more pull with the more throttle given, equaling the same amount of pull currently being produced at full throttle. It is a progressive pull from beginning to end. Not a constant pull where it kills your thumb while cruising at trail speeds or around a 1/4 throttle. You won't care what the throttle pull is when pinned to the handle bar, which will be the same as stock.

The kit will include (2) Stainless Steel springs and and a special UHMW or similar machined piece to fit into the throttle cap to hold the top of the spring in place. Price is still pending. We will try to keep the price as low as possible as we have with all our existing products. We believe in the "sell more for less than sell less for more."

Yes, we realize that its development may be a year or two late (since the 1999 670HO -one of the best performance ski-doos ever built), but being a relatively new company with fresh ideas we feel it is never too late to satisfy those that still love riding those big bore twins. If we were around a couple of years ago we would have introduced them sooner. But it is better late than never.

If you want to be added to the waiting list for these new carb spring kits, please email us and specify to be added to the VM-44 carb spring kit waiting list, along with your name, email and/or phone number and quantity needed to

Please check back at a later time or add your name to the waiting list!

Thank you!

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