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SnowTech Magazine Feedback- September 2000
(Feedback; Comments and additions to subjects previously in SnowTech)

Summer Storage Tip Clarification - page 16

SnowTech Test Rider Joseph Berto offered the following clarification in regards to our Summer Storage and Maintenance Tips found in the Spring 2000 issue of Snow Tech page 32:

"Your advise on sled storage on lifting the back of the sled to save the springs is incomplete. If folks do as you suggest (to raise the rear of the sled to keep the track lugs from folding over and to relieve all the pressure from the torsion spring) they will just sack the front springs because all of the weight just got transferred to the skis. If you really MUST raise the track off the ground, be certain that you put a block under the front bulkhead to raise the skis off too!"

The Shock Relief System was designed and developed for the same reasons mentioned above.

Innovative Design Solutions' SRS was obviously was not around when the spring issue of SnowTech was published. Because the SRS is the best choice over a block of any sort and would hope that others will see its value and purpose in the future of storing their favorite toys. It is less headaches and less stress on the bulkhead. Plus, if you want to move your sled around, you can with the SRS in place.